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Facial Services

Bright and Tight Facial

This super-rehydrating and skin brightening facial helps to immediately helps reduce fine lines, tighten loose skin, and eliminate the dullness that develops over time. Charlotte is serious about pore extractions and will not disappoint you! A truly relaxing experience, you’ll be enveloped in sweet aromas, transformed through a wonderfully calming face, neck, shoulder, and arm massage, and revitalize beneath one of Charlotte's fabulous custom-blend therapeutic masks. This treatment may also include at no additional charge (as per Charlotte's suggestion): • Diamond tipped exfoliation • Mandelic or lactic acid peel • Collagen Eye Treatment • Micro-current Firming Treatment •Revita-Infusion

Regular Price $175. VIP $139. Series $469.

Cosmic Facial

The cosmic facial represents the culminations of years of study and practical application in several modalities.  Using techniques taken from Gua Sha, Reflexology, and Energy Healing Modalities, the Cosmic Facial is a custom blend designed to tap into your body's own healing system to tone, lift, and recalibrate your cellular makeup to bring back its most youthful & radiant self.  This unique treatment delivers a total mind-body healing experience. By opening up your energy channels and realigning your body’s natural balance we find long term results in overall health and wellness as well as restoring a youthful glow.  You’ll leave this facial with a better understanding of your body and its needs and techniques to use at home to better connect with yourself for even better long term results.

Regular Price $149. VIP $120. Series $399.

Gua Sha Facial

Relax those wrinkles away with a Gua Sha Facial. See an immediate glow, with my unique face lifting treatment to manipulate and stimulate energy points in the face to help break up blood stagnation, release toxins, and promote lymphatic drainage. You immediately see noticeable results in the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, dark circles, puffy eyes, pigmentation, and a brighter healthier complexion. This treatment may also include at no additional charge (as needed): • Facial Cupping • Meridian Scalp Massage

Regular Price $125. VIP $99. Series $337.

Bespoke Facial

A truly customized facial. Your face is beautifully unique, and so is this facial. Indulge yourself with this wonderfully restorative skin treatment! Layers of dull skin are thoroughly sloughed away, revealing an immediate new glow. Mild extractions are performed if needed. Face, neck, shoulders, and arms are then treated to a deeply relaxing aromatic massage. Finally, the face is fully hydrated under a custom blended mask perfectly picked for your skin. This treatment may also include at no additional charge (as needed) • Crystal Massage • Meridian Scalp Massage • Detox Facial Massage

Regular Price $109. VIP $89. Series $294.

Acne Control Facial

A custom facial blended with eastern medicine techniques tailor made for you. Charlotte's program for clear skin combines thorough removal of blackheads and other congested pores with an effective acne-fighting routine of personal skincare. The results are not only amazing but gives you or your teen a new sense of enhanced self-esteem and confidence. Experience clear skin with drug free treatment to all acne grades. This treatment may also include at no additional charge (as needed): •LED Therapy • High Frequency • Crystal Inflammation Massage • Detox Facial Massage

Regular Price $125. VIP $99. Series $337.

Back Facial

A thorough cleansing, exfoliation and removal of blackheads of the hard-to-reach back and shoulder area. Skin will appear smoother; clearer and acne blemishes will greatly reduce or disappear altogether.

Regular Price $69. VIP $57. Series $187.


Balance inside = Beauty outside

A natural soothing therapy technique that allows anyone to become aware of their own state of health. It helps to restore the energy balance in the body by stimulating the body’s natural responses to imbalances and helping to eliminate disturbances. By accessing certain points on the face, we can see improved blood circulation, better skin function, and muscle tone.

Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the receiver and as a key part of each treatment, every receiver is provided a customized plan for ongoing, self-managed care for the next 21 days.

$39 for 35 minutes $69 of 60 minutes

 I strive to make sure that you get one on one attention, so your appointment time will include enough time for a consultation and for you to check out. I never want you to feel rushed at Arrow Skin Center, so feel free to relax and enjoy!