What Is The Strongest Treatment For Acne?

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Acne is the most common problem during the adolescent period. It is teenagers who mostly get affected. Acne is nothing threatening but leaves a scar on the face. Bumps & lesions occur on the skin surface or beneath the skin. The primary reason behind acne is clogging of hair follicles because of oil secretion. There are small pores in the skin which acts as a window of the skin. These windows need to be cleaned properly if proper cleaning is not done; it collects dirt, sebum & impurities that lead to the formation of bumps on the skin known as acne. The common areas where acne mostly occurs include the forehead, neck, back, face & chest. The acne can be painful, mild blackheads & whiteheads to severe ones that are filled with pus with intense pain.

Causes of acne

There are various causes of acne. It is highly advisable that you must not neglect acne & must be treated at once to prevent it from spreading further. If acne is left untreated, then it can leave scars on the skin. Here are the causes of acne:

  • Acne is caused among the adults because of hormonal imbalance. It is a common symptom of premenstrual syndrome & also happens during the menopause period.

  • Another significant cause of acne is building up of dead skin cells which block the pores. Consequently, the blocked pores become acne.

  • Acne is a common problem during the onset of puberty which is experienced by both teenage girls & the boys.

  • Eating of excessive fried & processed food activates the oil glands leading to release of sebum that causes acne, pimples, breakouts & blackheads.

  • Using skin care products not suitable for your skin type as well as frequent switching of products damages the skin that eventually causes acne

  • Greasy & oil-based makeup is responsible for acne. It is recommended that you must stay away from using heavy makeup if you have acne-prone skin. Make sure to use water-based cosmetics.

  • Stress is another significant cause of acne.

  • Avoid eating sweet beverages, bakery food that is high in sugar content. You must also avoid consuming dairy products as it is rich in calcium which is just not good for your skin.


How to prevent acne?

Preventing acne is not a big deal when some basic guidelines are followed. Let’s take a look at some of the guidelines:

  • Wash skin twice daily using a mild soap or cleanser. Do not rub your skin, pat dry your skin using a soft & clean towel.

  • Avoid forceful scrubbing or washing of skin

  • Do not squeeze the pimples

  • Wash of the excess oil as well as sweat from the skin

  • Make use of soft fresh cloth everyday to wipe your skin

  • Take steam on your face regularly

  • For removing impurities from the body, drink an adequate amount of water every day.

  • Remember to clean makeup tools like brushes & sponges regularly for eliminating dirt, oil & bacteria.

  • You can go for acne facials sandy utahit helps in getting rid of acne.

When to visit a doctor?

Home remedies are mostly preferred in case of mild acne but if the condition persists, it is best to seek consultation with a dermatologist.  If the acne is severe, then visiting the doctor at once is the ultimate option.


Treatment for acne

The treatment for acne varies depending on the severity. A wide variety of treatments are there which can control acne helping you not to have scars on the face. The key to preventing scars on the face is to consult a dermatologist who can guide you appropriately & suggest the right medication as per your need.

For treating acne, Isotretinoin is a very powerful drug. The drug is recommended to those who have severe acne & is not getting cured with medication even after giving antibiotics. This particular drug is derived from Vitamin A. It targets the acne by stopping oil production & decreases inflammation which leads to scarring.

This drug is impeccable in controlling acne for long-term & needs to be taken at a stretch for 15-20 weeks.


Side effects of isotretinoin

Every coin has two sides- both positive & negative. This is certainly not an exception with the use of isotretinoin for treating severe acne. This drug has some potential side-effects which you must know. Isotretinoin must not be taken by pregnant women as it can lead to severe birth defects. Isotretinoin also gives rise to psychosis, depression & there are rare cases where many have been found to attempt suicide.

When you take isotretinoin, go for a monthly check-up with your doctor. It has been found that out of 10 people, 8 people have been benefitted with the use of isotretinoin drug. The drug clears up the acne completely. Only one-third of people might develop acne yet again after successful treatment. In that case, the doctor might recommend another cycle of isotretinoin treatment depending on the severity of your acne.

Other options for treating severe acne

Alongside isotretinoin, severe acne can be treated through a procedure that drains as well as eliminates large acne cyst. This procedure also reduces scarring risk. The doctor might recommend anti-inflammatory steroid injection for treating inflamed acne cyst. The cyst shrinks within 2-5days after the injection is given.

Another option for treating severe acne problem is photodynamic therapy which is commonly known as PDT. This therapy makes use of light for destroying the bacteria which cause breakouts of acne.


Acne is mostly genetic. If you notice symptoms of acne & your parent or sibling had severe acne followed by scarring, then it is recommended consulting with the dermatologist for taking precaution beforehand. You must not neglect the issue & watch out for the signs whether your acne is turning severe. Acne when turns severe are indeed painful. So, when you notice any signs of acne, fix up an appointment with the dermatologist.