Charlotte's facials reconstruct the soul of her craft.  A soul that has gone the way of corporate shills and diluted solutions.  Trading long term results for short term gains.  Charlotte focuses each facial to the individual needs of her client.  They not only restore the skin and heal damage done by environmental hazards and cheap products, but prevent future damage. 

 Each facial begins with a facial mapping that shows the clients levels of oiliness, redness, hydration, hyper pigmentation, and skin elasticity in real time.  By mapping the face at the beginning of each appointment clients are able to see their results not only in how their face looks and feels, but how it is improving on a cellular level. 

From there the facial is designed to address the issues facing the client that day.  Just like the weather our skin can change from day to day and week to week.  It takes an active approach to stay on top of the health and wellness of our skin. 

 Charlotte has developed a specialized massage technique combining aspects of massage therapy, Gua sha, Reiki, and crystal work to heal not only the skin, but the internal body and spirit as well. 

After each treatment clients leave with instructions for post care/at home maintenance.  These can range anywhere from avoid the sun, to reducing certain foods, or working on reducing stress in their life.  Each client leaves with a full understanding of where they stand in the process and what their next steps are to achieve their long-term skincare goals.